We provide a full range of legal services to emerging and established companies.

Our goal is to ensure that every dollar spent on legal fees strengthens the competitiveness of the client’s business. 

We can help individuals or organizations with the following:

  • Assisting with contracts and business operations;
  • Business litigation and collections;
  • Setting up a new business and deciding on a proper entity;
  • Resolving disputes with clients, employees or vendors;
  • Buying or selling a business;
  • Generational transfers of a business;
  • Reviewing loan documents;
  • Preparing stock purchase and redemption agreements;
  • Advising and preparing documentation on corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and dissolutions;
  • Reorganizing businesses due to a change in ownership interest or unforeseen debt problems;
  • Reviewing corporate minutes and by-laws;
  • Advising businesses on all aspects of legal issues encountered.



Kraft Walser Hettig Honsey & Kleiman - A Professional Limited Liability Partnership