christine revier probate trusts guardianships

Christine Revier


Christine has been with us since 2003. She is a paralegal working in the areas of probate, trusts, guardianships, conservatorships and corporations.

gloria kottom real estate assistant

Gloria Kottom

Legal Assistant

Gloria is a Legal Assistant who has been with Kraft Walser Law Firm since 2016. She spends her time working on real estate matters.

jean marcus real estate law

Jean Marcus


I was born and raised in Olivia. I have lived in many places, but Olivia is still home.

nancy metag personal injury cases

Nancy Metag


Nancy has been a paralegal for our litigation attorneys since 1983. She works with family law matters, personal injury cases, collections and also commercial real estate transactions.

wendy sonnek legal secretary

Wendy Sonnek

Legal Secretary

Wendy has been the legal secretary and receptionist in our Hutchinson, MN office since 1992.